Solar Window Film

Paul Rabinowitz Glass Company is a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer/Applicator.

Installing solar window film is the best solution to reduce energy bills.  It will keep out much of the sun’s heat in the summer and retain warmth in the winter, noticeably lowering your air conditioning and heating costs. It will also block out the sun’s glare, but not the light. You’ll be able to keep your blinds open all day and not add to the cost of artificial light. Available in clear, tinted and reflective.

Utility Rebates Ensure 3M™ Window Films Pay Back

The U.S. Department of Energy and a recent study published by CONSOL Energy shows 3M™ Window Films can reduce energy usage up to 19 kwh per sq ft of windows. That adds up to a lot of savings on a building’s energy bill. With typical ROI’s of less than three years, building owners and managers all over North America have discovered the cost savings associated with 3M™ Window Films.

3M™ Window Film can help you:

  • Reduce electricity bills as much as 10%
  • Reduce interior temperatures as much as 9°F
  • Earn as many as 11 LEED points
  • Increase your ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager™ score
  • Become eligible for rebates

Are you an energy auditor?

  • 3M™ Window Film can be integrated into eQuest or Trace 700
  • e-Film can be used to provide an energy audit using the US. Department of Energy’s Energy Plus™ program

3M™ Window Films

There’s nothing worse than walking into a hot conference room…for a 2-hour meeting. Keep your tenants comfortable.

Security, solar and decorative window films can change your view of what window films can do. Solar and tinted window films save valuable energy and increase worker comfort. Security and safety window films provide shatter-resistant protection in severe weather and bomb blasts. Decorative window films add privacy and style within your building.

Now you can provide sun control, UV protection, window tinting and privacy while increasing energy savings. 3M™ Window Films help improve tenant comfort, reduce hot spots and increase window safety in buildings.

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