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“Consider It Done.” symbolizes the confidence, trust, professionalism and attitude we live and operate under. It communicates certainty that when a customer hangs up the phone after calling Rabinowitz Glass their project will be done and expectations exceeded.

 “Consider It Done.” is our vow of excellence to you, the customer.  

Paul Rabinowitz Glass is recognized as a leading commercial glass and door company in the tri-state area. Thanks to the commitment of three generations of Rabinowitz leaders, the company continues to deliver exceptional workmanship and unrivaled service as the industry’s glass, aluminum, and door experts.


Paul Rabinowitz glass began when Paul saw the opportunity in Philadelphia for a glass replacement company, primarily in storefronts. Each new generation of the Rabinowitz family embraced the same entrepreneurial spirit by identifying areas of the glass industry where their business could expand to fulfill a market need. This gradual and strategic growth into new areas of the glass business is what has allowed Rabinowitz Glass to be a customer-focused, highly efficient and successful company for over 85 years.



 1931Paul Rabinowitz Glass Company opened its doors in South Philadelphia. 

1976 Jerry Rabinowitz took over for his father in their South Philadelphia location.

1980Rabinowitz Glass branched out from glass replacement and added new construction services to their book of work. They began by installing new storefronts for the ACA JOE chain in malls around the country. They coined the term “mall fronts” for this style of new construction.

 1998The business was moved to North American Street in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia where the business still resides today. Mark and Rob Rabinowitz started with Rabinowitz Glass during this transition. The new location would set the business up for expansion. 

2000 – Operating in the new location allowed Rabinowitz Glass to begin building infrastructure. With infrastructure came advancements in the new construction department that propelled the company into new business opportunities..  

2003 Rabinowitz Glass identified an opportunity for growth in the service area of their business with the rise of “sticker wars” within the glass industry. When a piece of glass broke in a storefront, glass businesses traditionally boarded up windows while the replacement piece of glass was on order. Rabinowitz Glass realized that by keeping a limited inventory of glass they would be able to use to replace broken pieces the same day. This would become the Same Day Service department.

2007 The business infrastructure continued to grow with the popularity of the Same Day Service business. By gathering historical glass replacement information from returning customers, and consistently maintaining a wide variety of glass inventory for businesses all over the tri-state region, Rabinowitz Glass was able to streamline the Same Day Service business. Streamlining the Same Day Service business allowed the Rabinowitz team to expand their list of services to include solar window film, door repairs, revolving doors, and other new construction opportunities. 

Part of the growth strategy during this time period was in hiring a young Engineering graduate from Drexel University, Derek Erfurt. This new hire would give Rabinowitz Glass the opportunity to differentiate between the Service area of the business and New Construction department. Derek scaled the department efficiently over several years; optimizing business processes for New Construction and bringing on the best talent to grow the team.

2012 Advancements in technology and processes allowed Rabinowitz Glass to better serve the needs of their customers. With the right team and a new proprietary software tool they were able to provide excellent communication and service to customers. The new software tool also served as a highly effective method of tracking and scheduling for the Same Day Service field team to replace glass accurately, on time, and within budget.

Present – Today, Rabinowitz Glass has a more efficient infrastructure than ever. Still operating under the third-generation, Rabinowitz Glass is located in a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Philadelphia, within minutes of Center City Philadelphia, I-95 and the Ben Franklin Bridge. With 60+ employees positioned across an estimating department, field operations department, a growing service department and a new construction department complete with an in-house CAD team, skilled designers, engineers and project managers Rabinowitz Glass not only continues to be committed to excellence but has managed to uphold their longstanding commitment to “Consider It Done.”

Paul Rabinowitz Glass is recognized as the leading commercial glass and door company in the tri-state area, thanks to the commitment of all three generations of Rabinowitz leaders as well as the exceptional workmanship and unrivaled service provided by the company’s glass, aluminum, and door experts.

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What We Do

  • Storefronts, curtain walls and interior glass partitions
  • Aluminum, glass and hollow metal entrances
  • Revolver Door installation and service
  • Solar and decorative window Films
  • Same Day Glass Replacement
  • Same Day Door Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Service