Glazing Contractor in Historic Renovation

Paul Rabinowitz Glass was proud to be the glazing contractor for the historic renovation of a top charter school in Trenton, New Jersey. The charter school, which covers 80,000 sq. ft. spread over two floors, will house over 500 students.

Derek Erfurt, Director of New Construction at Paul Rabinowitz Glass, expressed the following, “The General Contractor brought us into the project with a vision and a budget to upgrade the exterior of a fifty year old building. We were able to design a system to meet the schedule as well as cut costs significantly. The main entrance into the building is my favorite aspect of the project, as it will welcome thousands of student’s for many years to come.”

Paul Rabinowitz Glass Company, Inc is a third generation family owned glazing contractor based in Philadelphia serving the tri-state area. In addition to new construction projects, Rabinowitz Glass specializes in same day glass replacements, door repairs and 24 Hour emergency service.

Paul Rabinowitz Glass Sponsors Outward Bound Building Adventure

Paul Rabinowitz Glass company was again a proud sponsor of this year’s Outward Bound Building Adventure held at Commerce Square on Friday October 21, 2016.

Outward Bound is a non-profit, education organization that serves people of all ages and backgrounds through challenging learning expeditions that inspire strength of character, leadership and service to others, both in and out of the classroom.

To raise money and awareness for Outward bound many braved the heights as they rappelled 315 feet down the side of Commerce Square, certainly a great challenge for many!

To learn more about Outward Bound and their mission visit

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Paul Rabinowitz Glass Achieves AGMC Certification

Paul Rabinowitz Glass Achieves AGMC Certification

The North American Contractor Certification (NACC), announced that The Paul
Rabinowitz Glass Company has achieved it’s Architectural Glass and Metal Contractor (AGMC) Certification. This ANSI accredited certification audits the company’s operational procedures, quality control specifications, safety guidelines as well as financial standing and record retention.
“This arduous audit/certification process not only showed us how to improve some of our processes, but also confirmed that many of our procedures both internally and in the field already conform to the industries best practices. In the end, attaining this certification took time and hard work, but showed that being an industry leader is ongoing.”
Mark Rabinowitz, President of Paul Rabinowitz Glass Company.
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Smoke Baffles a.k.a. Draft Curtains

A smoke baffle is a substantial, noncombustible curtain that is hung tightly against a ceiling. Smoke baffles cordon off sections of a large ceiling for fire prevention purposes. A smoke baffle acts as a partition and “corrals” heat and smoke in the event of a fire within the curtained area. The depth of the heat and smoke contained within the curtained area can affect how quickly sprinklers are activated.

Research has shown that smoke baffles may have an adverse effect on sprinkler activation. In fact, a study published in the February 2008 edition of Journal of Fire Protection Engineering found that a draft curtain has some effect on sprinkler activation, reducing activation time from 8 percent to 15 percent.

Ideally, smoke baffles work in conjunction with vents in the ceiling that pull the smoke out of the building and prevent the spread of fire. Research has shown that the operation of vents is conversely affected if smoke baffles aren’t present. Such systems are intended to maintain a tenable environment until building occupants are able to evacuate in the case of a fire.

Smoke baffles are also known as “draft stops,” “draft curtains” and “curtain boards.” They are generally required by code where moving stairways, staircases or similar floor openings are unenclosed. Pennsylvania fire codes call for “smoke barrier” construction that can withstand a minimum of 1 hour in fire.

Draft curtains are typically used at stair locations and surround the opening to the level above. The purpose is to limit the spread of smoke during a fire and to allow adequate egress, also known as evacuation, as well.

Paul Rabinowitz Glass, commercial glass company,  installs and maintains smoke baffles in the Philadelphia, NJ and Delaware markets.