COVID-19 Procedures

Paul Rabinowitz Glass Company is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and customers. We have empowered our employees to make the decision at any time to remove themselves from a workplace, project site, or similar facility if they believe appropriate safety procedures are not being followed. We appreciate our clients’ understanding and cooperation during these unusual times. The following safety procedures are being followed to ensure our compliance with COVID-19 prevention practices:

  • We are monitoring the CDC, State, and Local Municipal website for any updates on COVID-19 Rules and Guidance.
  • We are requiring employees to maintain social distancing of 6’ minimum when possible.
  • We are limiting crew size and person to person contact as much as possible while continuing with safe installation practices.
  • We are minimizing the sharing of tools while requiring frequent cleaning of tools, and common areas on job sites.
  • We are performing environmental cleaning of our workplace with the recommended safety standards and the CDC’s requirements.
  • We are requiring all employees to complete a COVID-19 awareness course.
  • We are requiring any symptomatic, sick, or potentially exposed employee to stay home.
  • We are requiring mandatory reporting of any symptoms to supervisors.
  • We are promoting safe workplace practices by emphasizing respiratory etiquette (cover coughs and sneezes) and hand hygiene by all employees.
  • We are keeping a full supply of PPE for our employees.
  • We are limiting visitors to our office (i.e., supplies/material deliveries) and are having meetings via teleconference when possible.
  • We are utilizing COVID-19 specific toolbox talks to continuously train our employees.
  • We are communicating regularly with employees and customers to review any specific concerns.
  • We have a sanitation plan in place in the event an employee tests positive.
  • We have an exemption from the Governor to continue work: Exemption
  • If you have any questions, please contact our safety team here:
  • It is mandatory that all employees wear proper PPE in the office, shop, and all job sites.