If only one of the individual glass panels in an insulated window breaks, fogs or needs replacement, is it necessary to replace all panels?

Yes. It comes as a prefabricated unit, so it gets replaced as a unit.

My store is located on a corner. On a windy day the air whips around, catches the door as it opens and is ripping it out of the frame. How can I prevent that from happening and possibly hurting my customers?

Reverse the swing of the door so it opens against the direction of the wind, and install a 3′ windbreak to direct the wind around the entrance, making it easy for your customers to open.

How often do I need maintenance for revolving doors?

We recommend they be looked at twice-a-year for regulation of speed, and to have the break-away devices lubricated.

What kind of door closers should I install?

A surface mounted closer will be less expensive and only allows a door to swing one way. An overhead concealed closer, although more expensive, will be concealed in the header of the door so you won’t see it, and will allow your door to open two ways.

What type of specialty glass should be used when designing a conference room for privacy?

There are two options to consider for glass partition walls in a conference room to achieve privacy. Option #1 is to install decorative or patterned glass. It comes in a variety of design options, requires production time of at least 2-8 weeks, and along with matching framework is aesthetically as fine as it gets. Option #2 is to install decorative or patterned film to an existing or new clear standard glass. Film also offers a variety of design choices, available immediately, and is a more cost efficient solution to achieve privacy.

How long does it take to replace broken glass in an emergency situation?

Your emergency is our top priority. Day or night, any day of the week, you’ll speak to a live person who’ll contact our on-call service representative immediately. We board it up to secure the building, and replace the glass within 24 hours. For customers with multiple locations, we keep your materials in stock, so we can replace the glass in one trip.

Recently a vandal etched the outside of the oversized glass front windows in my building. How do you remove those acid etchings?

Unfortunately, there’s no solution for removing the acid etchings. However, after replacing the damaged glass, we can install a transparent graffiti shield on the outside to protect the glass. If vandals strike again you’ll need only to replace the film, which is significantly less expensive.

The tenants in my building complain year-around about the sun’s heat and glare in their offices. Is there a cost effective solution?

Yes. Installing solar window film is the best solution to regulate the uneven temperatures in your office. It will keep out much of the sun’s heat in the summer and retain warmth in the winter, noticeably lowering your air conditioning and heating costs. It will also block out the sun’s glare, but not the light. You’ll be able to keep your blinds open all day and not add to the cost of artificial light. Available in clear, tinted and reflective.

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