About Paul Rabinowitz Glass

The Paul Rabinowitz Glass Company was established in 1931 and has been owned and managed by members of the Rabinowitz family for over 80 years.

Humble beginnings

In the early 20th century, Paul Rabinowitz’s father, Nathan, brought the family to the U.S. from Russia and worked as a neighborhood residential window installer.

When Paul was old enough to learn the profession, he founded a glass replacement company, naming it Paul Rabinowitz Glass. Paul ran the company out of a residential garage on S. 2nd Street, in South Philly. His wife, Libby, handled the calls and bookkeeping.

Second and third generation ownership

When Paul Rabinowitz went blind in one eye in 1976, he asked his son Jerry Rabinowitz, who was a stockbroker at the time, to help sell the business. To his father’s surprise and satisfaction, Jerry decided that instead of selling the company he would take over.

In 1988, Jerry’s oldest son, Mark, graduated from Syracuse University and went to work selling folding cartons. Two years later, Jerry’s second son, Rob, graduated from the University of Arizona and moved to L.A. But the separate careers of father and sons did not last long. By 1998, Mark and Rob were back in the Philadelphia area helping their father run the company. They bought the former Russell Glass Building, where the company is still headquartered today.

Rapid growth with strong family roots

In 2000, Jerry relinquished his leadership role, passing the company on to his sons, with Mark taking over as President and Rob as Vice President. Since then, with the dedication and hard work of the third-generation owners along with the team around them, the company has seen tremendous growth, expanding from ten to fifty employees and serving the entire Delaware Valley region.

Paul Rabinowitz Glass is now recognized as the leading commercial glass and door company in the tri-state area, thanks to the commitment of all three generations of Rabinowitz leaders as well as the exceptional workmanship and unrivaled service provided by the company’s glass, aluminum and door experts.

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