Door Replacement, Repair & Design

For specific solutions to your individual needs, our professional staff helps you select the perfect door to fit your needs. Depending on decor and the demands of the environment, you can choose from a variety of commercial doors for interior and exterior use.  We provide replacement, repair and design in:

We also provide replacement, repair and design services for:

  • Hollow metal doors
  • Storefronts

Door Hardware

Paul Rabinowitz Glass repairs, replaces or adjusts existing door parts, and designs and installs new entrance ways from our large inventory of commercial doors.

This includes:

Panic Hardware & Exit Devices

The aluminum push pad is uniquely designed to absorb shock and withstand repeated abuse in the most demanding high-traffic areas, providing greater security and durability.

Door Closers

For a new installation, a significant point to consider is the amount of anticipated traffic expected for the door. Closers are labeled as to how much traffic they are designed to endure before needing replacement.

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